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  1. Hello there, Found what you all wrote informative. I have a marshal 50 amp, can't get the thing to give me the sound I want and have been lookin myself for something to use, just indoors for my own pleasure, but would love to be able to play a more meatier sound, just can't get it right on the marshal. Ive had a look at the spark thats newly advertised, but am useless with computer tech stuff, so want something I can mess with buttons or nobs and just make it sound great. I love playing a meaty sound like sabbath, iron maiden, accept type sound and will have a look at what you have mentioned on here. I have tried looking on u tube to get advice on how to use my small amp, but still cant get it to sound right... ...Thanks.... Kaz
  2. Hello everyone, I apologize if this is the wrong place to put this. Just joined the forum. in case I shoud have started a new thread, will just then say ""Hello"" to Simondo too my computer skills are as basic as my guitar....lol Looking forward to reading all whats going on. Have been learning guitar for a few years, its taking me forever (got arthritis in my joints) but absolutely love playing guitar, singing and generally making any sounds, that make me feel like some hip rock chic........ I know delusional....lol but its great to have so much fun..... it also helps having a sick sense of humour...... but a tune is a tune... right........so thats my reasoning ..... Love tons of music stuff, from all different genres....heavy metal - country Want to learn about amps too, I have one, but finding it difficult to get the sound i want. I have an elelctric acoustic crafter guitar and an Ario pro2 electric. Might treat msyelf to a new guitar if i become a better player, to at least beable to join in with someone else.... so very excited at joining this group to see what I can pick up and learn from everyone...... would like to take this chance to thank you....in advance.......Thanks...
  3. Hello everyone...

    I am a beginner, late starter guitar player, although learning for the past few years, find it tough going, so thought 'i would join a guitar forum, that might help support me in my learning.  Really into heavy metal, but enjoy playing folk stuff too.  Have a crafter accoustic, and an ario pro 2 electric guitar. Love to write songs and mess about with differnt sounds and wanting to learn and engage with others...


    Have arthritis, so finger joints, don;t always do as they are told, but enjoy playing, no matter what i sound like, not into perfection, just into learning, pleasure and enjoying all of it as much as is possible...

    1. Kiwi


      Welcome, better late than never I guess.  I only got semi serious about it 5 years ago, myself and I'm 50 this year.

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