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  1. I only have two Strats; a Bravewood '62 type I bought on EBay 10 years ago or so. Brazilian rosewood slab board, all period correct and as good to play as it is to look at. Also have a jv Squier '57 bought in 1990ish. Very light, quite chunky neck. The seller had an identical one he had "Fenderised" with new decals and didn't want to keep this, which he said was in too good condition to gig and surplus to requirements. It is still almost immaculate, save for 2 dings. I am always on the lookout for another, of course.
  2. Lovely, good to have the original case too, which I guess that is?
  3. Looks great. What does it play & sound like?
  4. GuyR


    Any excuse to post an image of my 66 Tele
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