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  1. My nails are short; the attack isn't as bright as it wood be if you have long nails but it still sounds nice. Thanks for the suggestions so far - Kiss from A Rose looks tough for where I'm at.
  2. I've been learning to play a six string acoustic over the last 8 months or so and really love it. I'm playing purely finger picking style. Any recommendations for nice (beginnery) guitar fingerpicking songs - whatever genre, don't mind. So far I've learned Fast Car, Is anybody out there and Babe I'm gonna leave you. Thanks.
  3. You could check out Richards Guitars? Richard himself is available onine regularly for chats and he might have an answer for you. https://rguitars.co.uk/ I'm not affiliated with them by the way.
  4. I'm learning to play guitar (again) but have decided to stick with the acoustic for now. If I were to get into metal guitar again I would certainly look at Black Sabbath - Paranoid, Iron Man etc. Could be wrong, but they sound like they'd be descent learning songs. Then again, they might be well harder than they sound!
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