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Leg Vice Build

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Posted (edited)

I fitted a little 5mm riser plate at the bottom of each slot so that the chop is now parallel.


Then I started cutting the back edge of the chop off to make it  a little less chunky and look a bit nicer.

Catastrophe!!!!!  I started on the wrong side and cut the fore edge of the vice off.  The GC Swear Aunty won't let me type what I said.


A little rebate and...


a little insert


This is the back edge, like it was supposed to be.


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Posted (edited)

You lucky Guitarchatters get this before those pesky bassists, the finished and fitted vice.  Three coats of varnish on the chop and all shipshape and Bristol fashion.  Which means what exactly, it's a slave vice?

It has a maximum capacity in line with the screw of 250 mm, and that's right on the limit of thread engagement. It's width capacity is technically as long as I can fit in it, and I suspect, but haven't tried it yet, that if the leg met the chop all the way down you'd have an even clamping force nearly to the floor, you could glue up a length of around 900 mm if you wanted to.  My vice jaw addition is 130mm deep, to the top of the screw really.

I hope you've enjoyed my journey into chaos and insanity, and I've made the mistakes for you if you make your own version.





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