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SOLD DiMarzio Chopper T Bridge and Twang King Neck Telecaster Pickups (as used on Fender Richie Kotzen Tele)

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Pair of DiMarzio Telecaster pups:

They came out of a 2016 Tele that had been modded, and it looks like the Chopper T is dated 02/17. Both fully working and in good nick, the neck pickup has a bit of tarnish on the chrome, I havn't tried any chrome cleaner on it though. I've done a pic to show that.

As fitted to Fender's Richie Kotzen signature model (they got the model number of the Twang King wrong on the Fender page, it is as above and the on their page is wrongly for the bridge version), which means plenty of reviews out there on the internet. A bit different to the standard Tele pups, a coil tap is a good move for the bridge one - I've got used 250k and 500k push/pull pots and can throw one in for doing the coil tap.

I wasn't planning on advertising them on here, then I saw the "show use your geetars" topic and it seems the guitar of choice for bass players is a Tele!





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DiMarzio pickups never fail to deliver IMO. I have DiMarzios fitted to my Tele. GLWTS.

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Yeah, they are good. I didn't even mention the reason for swapping them, which was that they were too much like my favourite guitar and there was no point having two sounding the same.

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