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Fender Concert II - Rivera era

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I've just come into possession of a more home friendly Fender Princeton Reverb II, the younger brother of this amp.  I bought it about 2 years ago but haven't had a chance to play it as I've been out of the country.  It's been looked after by Ped until I got around to collect it and ship it with other stuff out to China.

Features include:
1) Point to point hand wired, amongst the last amps to come out of the Fender factory like this
2) 60w available from 3x 6L6 power tubes, the usual 12AX7's in the preamp section
3) 2 channel footswitchable preamp with reverb, presence for both channels
4) Ch 1 - bass, treb + volume with bright boost
5) Ch 2 - bass, mid, treb, gain + volume with mid boost
6) Stock 12" speaker replaced with an Eminence.  Will need to confirm the exact model but it's probably the biggest improvement in terms of bang for buck.
7) Transformer is set up for 240v AC mains.

Great cleans - classic Fender with thick mids and chimey highs. It takes pedals well according to other owners.

PDF version of the user manual is available here:

Can't really ship it due to weight so collection in the western vicinity of York preferred.

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