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Bugera V55 Infinium Combo

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Anybody got one? tried one? I'd like some feedback about them please.

This would be mostly home/church use only as I'm new to electric guitars and have an Epiphone Sheraton from 2004 and a Squier standard strat to play around with. I need loud standard sound without effects for church (reverb ok) and like to play with overdrive and power chords at home. Would this fit the bill?

Thanks for any input or suggestions for anything better.


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I have a V22 version and have been very impressed. I actually had two at one stage due to weird circumstances, but got rid of one. I like mine so much that I actually got rid of a Jet City and a Laney Ironheart head as the combo just did what I needed it to do. 

Some small buts though:

I would definitely change the stock valves as that made quite a big difference to the tone. I would also run an EQ pedal through the effects loop as a standard as that boosts both the clean and crunch significantly and really makes a difference to the overall tone. Reverb is digital but very usable. They are also great platforms for pedal boards.

Also, being Bugera there is a risk of getting a "bad" one. But if you are buying new, then the warranty will cover any problems. They have very good customer service by the way.

Other then that, great amps and the 55 Watt one you are talking about will be LOUD! 


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Sorry for not getting back guys, I've been quite ill and I forgot about this thread.

Thanks for the feedback, I think I'm probably going to sell my Blackstar HT-1 1 watt amp and cab ( it's a limited edition 1 watt valve ) and going for a Fender Bassbreaker 30R

Lots of valves and 3 levels of overdrive! should wake the neighbours....

cheers, Tom.

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