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And now I have bought my first pedal

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It's getting a little bit serious now as I have bought my first pedal, a Tone City Nobleman overdrive pedal, at £35 I feel its a great little buy.  It is just what I want giving the sound a little bit of an edge.  The only issue is that I forgot that it needs power, fortunately I have been able to use the 9v psu for the  RC30 looper  that i obtained from my son.  I understand that it is possible to run two pieces of kit from one psu, am i correct in this understanding?  If so what do i need to do this? 

I haven't really used the looper much and need to work out how to use it properly, and my intention is to play a backing track to then  be able to play over the top.  I assume I can use the overdrive pedal with this and I assume the best way to wire the overdrive pedal in is between the guitar and looper rather than the looper and amp, as if between looper and amp then both the looped played tracks would be affected by the pedal, whereas the other waywould enable one or the other or both to be played in overdrive?


Finally any tips for how to use the various controls etc on guitar and amp as i dont feel that i am getting maximum benefit and i doingthi gs verymuch by trial and error.


Any thoughts or observations please?



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