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Finished! Swiftbird? Fireswift? Supermaween Swiftfire?

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On 29/06/2023 at 17:25, Andyjr1515 said:

And...it's finished!!!!   :D


The 'last few jobs' always turn out to be a 'myriad of final jobs.  Anyway, all sorted.  I'm passing it across to Alex tomorrow - I will try and get him to do a bit of recording at one of their band practices but, in the meantime, you'll have to trust me when I say it sounds great  :)


Although it is just a small wiring change and no hardware change, I've opted NOT to go for the P-rails standard wiring system which gives: Full series humbucker; parallel humbucker; P90; Rails.  I've used that system in a number of my own gigging guitars and I found that:

- the fact that both pickups are always in the same configuration for the four options is actually, ironically, quite limiting.  I was always hankering for, such as, 'neck pickup full series humbuck for the depth, mixed with bridge pickup in split coil mode to add a bit of extra treble and dispel any muddiness' and similar

- I also never, in practice, used the rails by themselves...not enough ooomph

- and I never, in practice, used the humbuckers in parallel...not enough depth


I talked that through with Alex and, for kickoff, we decided to have a standard split coil option for both pickups where the operating coil in each case was the P90.  So he can go full series humbucker with 3 way options, P90 with 3 way options and one (either) pickup P90 and the other series humbucker.  It's a 30 minute job to change the wiring to the 'P-rail standard' options if he wants to try that in the future.  


Anyway, here are some of the arty-farty finished pics:

















Thanks again for watching this develop and your kind remarks along the way :)




That's a stunning piece of work, really lovely. Definitely look forward to hear the soundclips! 

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