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Pick slanting

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One of those techniques that I guess most people haven't heard of and it seems that a lot of people who use it, do it unconsciously... I had never heard of it until recently, and I've been playing for 30 years.

Firstly, it's not edge picking, where you pick with the side of the pick. It's something different.

The idea behind it is that when alternate picking, it's more efficient to angle the pick towards or away from the floor. Rather than picking on a plane that is parallel to the guitar top, you pick at an angle, where (in downward pick slanting) the down stroke moves towards the top of the guitar and the upstroke moves away from it. This way you can move between strings more easily after an upstroke. You can adjust the angle of the pick for upward pick slanting to change efficiently after a down stroke, and combine with economy picking.

Troy Grady's youtube series explains it well...


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