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New build 'The Mongrel'

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I'm planning a new build its going to be a kind of doublecut Nashville Tele-ish/Strat-ish 'Mongrel' type thing




Its probably going to be Pine or Mahogany backed with a poplar pallet top with a mahogany neck and Poplar or Oak fretboard and Chrome hardware, it might have a pickguard I haven't decided yet? 




I'll post more pics when I get it started........👍🏻 

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Got the top cut out just need to tidy it up a bit and glue it together 


Here's a mockup but it will have a black hardware, a standard telecaster bridge and control plate, all the wiring and pickups are out of a old Squier strat that i stripped for parts...... 👍🏻 



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Thanks I had to give up work in September last year due to back problems that have just been getting worse so I thought I could try and do this as a little business to bring in a bit of extra cash


I'm trying to steer clear from doing clones of all the usual suspects as a 1000 and 1 other people are doing them and make them slightly different! 


I got good feedback from my mate, he pointed out a few little issues that need to be addressed once I've sorted them they will go to another mate who wants to try them at a live gig to see how they sit in the mix so hopefully I'll be able to make a go of it...... 👍🏻 

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