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Please Help With Broken Tuner

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I decided to add new strings but when I got down to doing the A string the note kept going back down when trying to tune it up. Then I noticed that the tuner was not turning round and the locking nut was turning instead.


Then the small pin fell out together with what looks like a small screw. I tried to put it back but then the hole was obscured by the 'Screw' as too high up. I tried turning the 'screw' the other way but still would not work.


Can anyone tell me the procedure to put it all back correctly. In the mean time will try and work it out. I have attached two pictures.


BTW the procedure I was using to tune it was to pull the string though, almost tighten the locking nut then start to turn the turner.  Last time I changed the strings  I think I wrapped it round a few times first, but I would of thought the locking nut would hold it in place so would not need to wrap the string round prior to turning it. Was I tuning it correctly?



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I managed to get it back in by loosing the locking nut first so it was all the way down but still had the problem that when tuning it back up the tuning nut would loosen on its own and the string note would go back down.


So I wrapped the string round once and seems to have work.  Do you think therefore that it is better to wrap the string round once before tuning up rather than just straight through  the hole and relying on the locking nut to keep in place?

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