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Steinberg UR44C Audio Interface

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I bought this last year as it had the number of inputs I wanted along with USB 3.0 connectivity.

If I’m honest, I wish I’d bought a Focusrite Instead.

Good things;

4 combi XLR inputs on the front panel

USB 3.0 connection

USB or external power

Reasonable sound quality (see below)


Not So Good Things

Input levels are very low, especially on Mics meaning that you have to raise the gain levels to nearly max which brings up the noise floor. I’m now using mine with an external DI to boost signals to line levels before they hit the UR44C.

The firmware upgrade process is hit and miss with the real possibility that you trash the thing if it fails

Similarly, driver updates are also a bit of a lottery.

Connection to my Mac is inconsistent. Mostly works but throws the occasional strop. The unit can work correctly but still not be recognised by the basically useless supplied software.

No power switch. I use an external PSU and have to switch the unit off at the wall. Only a minor point but it’s an inconvenience and would be sorted by an On-Off button.


All in all, this has been a real disappointment. I dare say some of the issues are more to do with the latest version of the Mac OS but I cannot forgive the poor quality of the Mic inputs. I’ve managed to get some reasonable recordings but every time I power up the computer I’m wondering if the Interface is working today or whether I’ll have to fix that before I can start to do any work.



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