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Squier Contemporary Telecaster

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Am looking at buying a guitar after a good 20 years break.  Have always fancied a telecaster so am looking at the squier Contemporary range. 

Main attraction of this vs the Affinity is the humbucker.  Was wondering if anyone has experience of the HH v the RH versions?

I'll want to play a range of styles 



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Only real way is to try both. The HH model will be a very decent guitar, though it will never quite give you *that* Tele tone that you get with a "proper" Tele bridge pup. Might also be worth looking at the ClassicVibe 70s Telecaster Custom, which gives you the neck HB with a traditional Tele bridge. The traditional Tele set-up could surprise you, though: for years, I tried all sorts of HB guitars looking for that big, punk rock "Never Mind the Bollocks" LP sound. In the end, what made that sound in my hands turned out to be a 71RI Japanese Fender Telecaster.... Unsurprising, I suppose, when you bear in mid the debate over whether Jimmy Page played a Tele or a Les Paul on the early Zeppelin recordings - noone can tell the difference, and he can't remember... Oh.... and Jimi Hendrix recorded the lead parts for Purple Haze on a borrowed Telecaster.... 

These things are always subjective, but for my money the standard Tele set-up is one of those most versatile guitars out there- even, surprisingly, a little ahead of my Strats when it comes to the ballsier bridge pickup sound. Whichever one you buy will be a great guitar, but always best to try. 

FWIW, I tend to find singlecoil pickups better at a lowerprice than HBs, as the latter are much more prone to mud, but that's personal preference. 

If you're not wedded to buying Squier, I'd also check out the JHS Vintage brand guitars, especially the 'Vintage Reissue' series for some nice Tele types. The Vintage Icon series is fun too if you fancy an affordable guitar with a bit of the 'relic' look (I'd buy one for the fun of it myself were I right handed). 

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1 hour ago, EdwardMarlowe said:

Not yet, but it's been in my Amazon wishlist for a while! 

It’s an awesome read mate ❤️ The journey back into 50/60/70s rock history is just amazing 😻 

I feel so honoured to have known Chris Adams and have my book signed by him. String Driven Thing were an amazing outfit. 

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