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  1. It’s an awesome read mate The journey back into 50/60/70s rock history is just amazing I feel so honoured to have known Chris Adams and have my book signed by him. String Driven Thing were an amazing outfit.
  2. Jimi Hendrix did indeed use a borrowed Tele have you read the book in the attached image?
  3. My rig at cost of £280 and man, it rocks!!
  4. andy67


    Eric Johnson is awesome and when you think about tone and feel, BB King has it all
  5. andy67


    Does anyone have an affinity tele with a string through body?
  6. What a difficult topic to pick from! I virtually have hundreds of guitarist I like and will feel sad for those I’d miss out. my favourite is definitely Nuno Bettencourt. Next, Andy Timmons and the hundreds of others would be number 3 but … special mention and recommendation goes out to Paco De Lucia.
  7. andy67


    Hi all, a fellow basschatter re-entering the world of guitar playing. Played guitar since I was 14 but never took it seriously, simply enjoyed playing along with AC/DC. I’ll never be any good but I enjoy playing immensely and for me, it’s all about the tone Andy
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