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*Sold* Ibanez Gio 7221QA, 7 String

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Ibanez Gio 7221QA, 7 String in a rather fetching transparent blackburst over quilted maple. It's subtle, but really comes alive under lights. 

I bought it for a couple of studio days, so it's had that and a couple of weekends working out the parts at home. Plays lovely and sounds great. Timageproxy.php?img=&key=e970ede7b0f662e8ypical thin, satin Ibby neck. Holds its tuning nicely too.

No paint chips or anything like that, but some light swirling in the lacquer from pick/finger contact as is typical of mega shiny finishes. Strung with a brand new set of Slinkys (9-52), with an additional spare set of the same unopened.

I now have an inner and outer box with packing material for in between. Happy to go halves on a courier.

It's my first post here, I just popped in from Basschat as I thought it's an item more suited to here. Obviously I've no feedback here, but for members of both sites I'm easiliy checkable... if that's even a word. 🤣

Gio 1.jpeg

Gio 3.jpeg

Gio 2.jpeg

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