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  1. Cracked Earth A guitar song for a better world. Homerecording. Fender Stratocaster Elite: part 1 (pu=NM) Gibson Les Paul Classic: part 2 (pu=N 2x single coil, serial) Conclusion? https://youtu.be/A5WG4RE6MT8
  2. When The Wind Dies. Homerecording. Guitar & Composer Directly to a mixer/Cubase. Without guitar amp. Stratocaster: part 1 Les Paul: part 2 https://youtu.be/nveHFdWf5qQ
  3. The Old Piano (Guitar) Don’t shoot the Piano Player. Gibson Les Paul Classic (part 1) and Fender Stratocaster Elite (part 2, 3 and 4). https://youtu.be/duXxGOYH75E
  4. Walking Through Life (with Guitar) Alternately Les Paul Classic and Stratocaster. https://youtu.be/EEz8ZPiPtPE
  5. One-man Band! Guitar – Bass * – Drums * * Cubase 9 Gibson Les Paul Classic. Instrumental – Homerecording – Video Direct recording, no amplifier or speaker cabinet. To enjoy it. Give your comment? https://youtu.be/9mQKuFaaRis
  6. Golden Fiction Guitars & Bass & Drums = Guitar Band I believe, Less is More. Please, give your comments, tips, ideas and suggestions (about the music). Guitar: Gibson Les Paul Classic. Guitar effects: LINE 6 pocket POD (distorsion-delay-chorus). Simulation: Fender Black Panel, de Luxe Reverb. Bass and drums: Cubase el 9 https://youtu.be/l7F-fbJ4RNI
  7. The Old Guitar Player Instrumental – Home recording – Guitar Band – Retro. A “real” Guitar band, guitars – bass – drums. Without synthesizer. The guitar sound (solo) make it special. Clean tube with delay and reverb. Middle part: rotation the guitar volume knob. Bass and drums: Cubase el 9 Direct recording, no amplifier or speaker cabinet. How is it possible. No 16 guitar notes in a nano second! Each guitar note can you follow. Enjoy it! Give it comment.
  8. Together (Gibson Les Paul Classic vs Fender Stratocaster Elite vs Paul Reed Smith Custom 24) The legends of 70 year electric guitar development. Gibson Les Paul Classic vs Fender Stratocaster Elite vs Paul Reed Smith Custom 24. It has formed the pop music where it is now. The song Together brings them together. No battle, but each with its own character.
  9. Part I: Les Paul Classic (2015) Part II: Stratocaster Elite (2015)
  10. Guitar Waves in Ocean Bay Strat and Les Paul. It’s a musical game, not a battle. Retro and “Slowhand”. https://youtu.be/yGVOZ0n82M4
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