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About Me

Found 4 results

  1. The Old Guitar Player Instrumental – Home recording – Guitar Band – Retro. A “real” Guitar band, guitars – bass – drums. Without synthesizer. The guitar sound (solo) make it special. Clean tube with delay and reverb. Middle part: rotation the guitar volume knob. Bass and drums: Cubase el 9 Direct recording, no amplifier or speaker cabinet. How is it possible. No 16 guitar notes in a nano second! Each guitar note can you follow. Enjoy it! Give it comment.
  2. Part I: Les Paul Classic (2015) Part II: Stratocaster Elite (2015)
  3. Guitar Waves in Ocean Bay Strat and Les Paul. It’s a musical game, not a battle. Retro and “Slowhand”. https://youtu.be/yGVOZ0n82M4
  4. Sometimes you need a sad song on guitar, even if you're yourself a guitarist , when you are felling blue. This music is a soundtrack from "Beethoven Virus" Korean movie. I just arranged it for the 10 string guitar and recorded it live. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83pozAE5-YM The recorder I use is ZOOM H6, camera - Nikon D3500. Strings - PYRAMID Tuning - e b g d a g D B A# E
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