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  1. I thought I’d post a few pics of my current guitars I’m using. I’ve had a bit of a chop and change recently (more variations on a theme in all fairness) but am very happy with these. First up is a 1995 Fender American Standard Strat in Electric Blue which was a colour offered between 1995-96. Condition is excellent apart from a bit of lacquer wear up at the Cowboy Chord end. It’s also been fitted with a set of Kinman Vintage pickups and a push/pull tone pot that activates neck and bridge pickup together. I swapped out the original white pickguard and backplate for black ones as I think it makes it look better. I was fortunate enough to pick this up for less than I’ve seen used Mexican Fenders go for, even with nearly £300 worth of pickups in it. Next is a 2000 Fender American Standard Telecaster in spotless condition. It sounds wonderful and is a beauty to pay. It originally had a white pickguard but I decided to replace it with a black one.
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