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Highly regarded pre-amp. As new, bar the velcro.

If you're reading this you know what it is - but just in case...

A quality germanium preamp with high class transformer - "The unique way in which the circuit saturates and colours your signal can be used to produce biting clean boosts, subtly coloured and thickened signals with a frayed-at-the-edge quality or – when pushed – an individual sounding overdrive with a fuzzy, fried texture.BC-24V-LTD takes this classic transformer-coupled, discrete Class-A germanium circuit, this time running internally at 24 volts from a standard 9 volt supply. The increased voltage gives extra headroom and a tighter low end – fantastic if you are looking for a little less saturation and grit, but without losing that unique sound of the Broadcast. The BC-24V-LTD also features a three position gain switch offering MID-LOW-HIGH modes. LOW mode, the pedal has most headroom and stays nearly clean across its range, whilst retaining colouration from its germanium circuit and transformer – perfect if you use higher output pickups, baritone, bass or keyboards . The MID mode is voiced to sound and behave as the regular Broadcast – still pretty clean but adding more grit and saturation to the mix. In HIGH mode, as with the regular Broadcast, the BC-24V-LTD heads into overdrive, distortion and fuzz but with a slightly tighter low end. Maximum gain in HIGH mode can be adjusted to taste, using the internal trimmer."








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