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Soundhole Pickups...your recommendations

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I've been using a Seymour Duncan Woody to connect my acoustic guitar to various amplifiers over the years. More recently, I've grown increasingly concerned about its low output (another thread on this sub-forum, incidentally!) and wondered whether to replace it. At my last gig it failed on me completely - the sound guy couldn't appear to get any output, and a short trawl of the internet has led me to a forum full of other disgruntled users opining that the Woody's construction isn't very robust, and when it does work, its low output has left them relying on an outboard preamp in a lot of circumstances.

So: what would the acoustic enthusiasts on here recommend? I want something which:

- is easily removable OR doesn't obstruct the soundhole. The pickup is for live use only; in the studio I prefer to mic the body.

- sounds good for folk-blues fingerpicking

- doesn't cost an arm and a leg. The guitar is an Epi AJ-10 with a few modest upgrades - it would seem silly to spend more than a couple of hundred quid on a pickup for it!

Over to you...

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