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SOLD Digitech RP360 multi-fx mint with box & power supply £45 posted within UK

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For sale is my mint condition Digitech RP360 multi-fx. I bought this for home noodling with electric guitar, but now need something buskable and battery powered so am using a Zoom G1 Four instead. Although this is my first post on guitarchat, I am a long-standing member of basschat, and you can see my feedback thread there.


Users manual

- 55 amp sims
- 27 cab sims
- 85 stompbox sims
- 8 fx blocks per preset
- looper
- drum machine (though nb you can't use looper and drums at the same time)
- can connect external expression pedal for wah, volume etc
- use footswitches to turn fx on/off in stomp mode, or to switch presets, or operate looper.
- usb : serves as recording interface, or to edit/store/share presets on computer using free Nexus software
- soundcheck function allows you to record a phrase and repeatedly play it back while you tweak your settings
- aux in and phones out on mini-jacks






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