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Tremolo & the Signal Chain

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Potentially a good band name, but more to the point: if you have a tremolo pedal, where's your preferred spot for it in your signal path? I expect this to come down to experimentation and personal preference, but I've always used the following sequence as a starting point:

Guitar -> Dynamic pedals (volume, compressor, wah, etc) -> Distortions and Overdrives -> Modulators (chorus, flange, etc) -> Amp

Trouble with the above is, tremolo is an amplitude modulator, so I'm not sure whether to see it as a dynamic effect, or as a modulation effect. And I'm aware that the above is far from a hard-and-fast rule. So, save me using my brain and tell me what you do.

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Personally I put mine after all dirt, filters and modulation but in front of delays and reverb.

I like to have my phaser chopped up by the trem and then passed through delays. 

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