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SOLD -Danelectro "T-Bone" DJ-2 Distortion Pedal

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UPDATE 16-09-2019: this item has likely found a buyer elsewhere, pending payment

Danelectro DJ-2 "T-Bone" Distortion Pedal for guitar

I've had this pedal for something like 15 years now, and the sad fact is that, for most of that time, it's been gathering dust. I originally bought it as a cheaper alternative to dedicated bass distortion effects, where I found it worked surprisingly well, and it offers a nice, warm distortion sound when paired, as intended, with an electric guitar.

As you'll see from the photos, I managed to knock the shaft off the Distortion knob. It still turns perfectly well under a bit of pressure from a fingertip, and besides this damage the pedal appears to still work perfectly well. Includes a 9V battery, and the original box, which has seen better days!

I work in London and live in Surrey, if anybody wants to meet up to collect, or I'm happy to arrange postage, which should only cost a few quid on top of the sale price.


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