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I was not aiming for a convincing Shadows tone, but I used a cheap magnetic soundhole pickup on my acoustic that is strung with flatwound 12 gauge electric strings.

I ran that through my effects unit (Behringer V-amp Pro) set for Brit Class A (which I think is meant to be Vox ac30) preset, a shortish delay and reverb. I got a nice 50s-60s type tone for my general mix of rock and roll (that included some Duane Eddy, Ventures and Shadows as well as Elvis and Buddy Holly). I don't like the sound of the amplified acoustic guitar but wanted the look as a solo performer. If I play now I just use electric guitar instead as I use lighter strings these days.


The benefit of the cheap magnetic pickup was that the 'better' ones are trying hard to give that authentic sound which I didn't want. The one off eBay isn't very good in that way, but it does make it sound more electric.

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