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Pedals and board for sale.
Waterlooville, Hampshire.

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Please click the link to view all the pictures.

So due to a number of factors (bad back/sciatica being the biggest) I need to sell my pedals and board. 

I had to list a price but some bits are worth more than the £50 I set. 

All pedals are in working order, but have surface scratches as they have been well used and gigged up and down the country.

I am going on a guide price of what they go for on eBay but hoping to avoid the fees that can incur! I am open to a little negotiation but please be reasonable. Postage is not included so will be set to cover the delivery not to try to make any money extra from that. 

Boss Tremelo TR-2 = £45 Sold

Boss Chorus CE-5 = £45 Sold

Boss Super Phaser PH-2 = £50 Sold

Boss Flanger BF-2 = £45 Sold

Ditto Looper = £45  Sold

Aroma APE-5 Digital Delay = £20 Sold

Mesa Boogie V-Twin - Discontinued pedal (This is a tough one to let go! It is missing one of the screws to hold the top guard in place and all the writing has pretty much been rubbed off! The LED for showing you are on the heavy channel has popped inside, but again does not stop it working!) It has served me very well for many years and is such a great pedal. I first got it as my Marshall at the time was essentially one channel and I needed that to be clean. This gave me the warm rich distortion I had wanted from the amp! They go on ebay for up to £200 (but appreciate they are in better condition) however I am not looking to sell it for super low prices when the pedal itself is still sounding amazing! £150

The pedal board itself is of solid construction. It is 102cm x 46cm x 25cm - Adrenaline Flight Cases - Locking ends with key. I had wood in place to screw the pedals down to so the board underneath is essentially brand new (no velcro used on it directly, except for a 4 bar on one side). The plastic around the handle tore so while it looks scrappy, I have added a leather cover which is held down with velcro. £150

Pedal board power supply and daisy chain leads and fixing to hold it in place = £12











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