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Line 6 amplifi 30

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So looking for a small amp to take away on holidays and Caravanning, was looking at a line 6 amplifi 30 in a shop recently, seemed great size for what we want and the app seemed brilliant, 

Now I know these are a few years old now and I tried to download the amplifi app but it says android system is too new to support it.... Is there a way around this at all does anyone know? Seems a shame to buy and not be able to fully use its features... 


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I echo @sundayguitar. I also use the Blackstar Fly. Great little travel amp. Sounds good (within reason) and batteries last for ages.You can also use it as a speaker for your phone with an aux cable so can play along with audio or use it as a portable music speaker on it's own.

I have mine at work for when the inspiration strikes...

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On 07/02/2024 at 08:24, sundayguitar said:


Now, if you want something bigger, that's another story.

Haha, tbf we have a half stack at home which is more than enough, just wanted a small amp for travel really that still gives a decent sound... 👍

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