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Do you use Major Scale MODES? Do you really understand them?

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Do you use Major Scale MODES?  Do you really understand them?


A NEW BOOK (+ E-Version also now available) takes a "fresh and unique approach" to understanding Major Scale Modes.  An "Amateur/Hobbyist" guitarist who struggled with existing literature on the subject  uses simple music theory building blocks in systematic "easy-to-follow" steps to construct  a comprehensive and logical interpretation of what modes are and their similarities and  differences.  He then applies that framework to playing them on guitar.   An "ALL-IN-ONE Manual" on Modes for the Guitarist!!!


Guitar Modes: From 'Mystery' to 'Method',

A Personal Journey of Discovery for Me & My Guitar

by Richard Cleary

ISBN 978-1-912333-22-6


PAPERBACK and a "NEW" E-VERSION - both available direct from Author (see below)




"At last a book on the subject of Modes that does not confuse the reader/student.  Richard's approach is both clean and precise.  The method he uses to explain this complex subject is quite simply awesome! The gate to the world of Modes is now open, enjoy yourself." Chris Porter  (Guitarist with "Seven More Days", 30+ years of guitar teaching experience)


"Richard has created a mode resource book with a unique approach, setting it aside from most formal music education literature.  With insightful analysis and accessible terminology this book will guide your learning journey with honest conclusions clearly outlined and explained.  For those baffled by the system of major scale modes this is a worthwhile read." Johnny Heyes (Session musician/guitar teacher)



published May 2018 (Publisher ceased trading November 2018)

Buy direct from AUTHOR at BIG DISCOUNT (includes a free copy of the E-Version)

MRP - £24.99 + P&P

Direct from Author - Price from £13.65-£16.10 depending on payment method & P&P cost.



NEW as of February 2019 - Secured PDF with Read & Print Rights.

Available only from AUTHOR - Price from £5.00-£6.10 depending on payment method.


Contact Author directly for any questions and/or purchasing.

[email protected]

Please indicate which online forum you belong to in your initial email.


Many thanks for reading this. 


Richard Cleary


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message me with your email address if you want a free copy of my book (e-version). When you have read it and formed an opinion on it please do one of 2 things:
1. If you think it has any merit (you be the judge of that) then make a contribution accordingly ... the amount is entirely up to you, OR
2. If it's useless to you .... keep it...... delete it... pay nothing.
After deciding on 1. or 2. I would be grateful if you would post your opinion (good or bad) on this thread.
Best Regards,

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