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Hoorah! Guitarchat no longer Norton's pariah!!

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Folks over on Basschat have often asked why I don't post on Guitarchat, even when my builds are 6-string guitar builds.


Well, up until now, Guitarchat has always been blocked by Norton on my system, with warnings of dire consequences, social unrest, pestilence and a return of Dynasty to our television screens if I were to commit such a dastardly act as to ignore their warnings.  And, having had problems for years with ID fraud (it's what happens when you get your briefcase stolen from under your feet in Belgium) my banks are quite touchy about me not taking action and disregarding 'reasonable warnings of unsafe websites'.


Anyway - looks like the mods have done some mods (that said, I think - and have always thought - this was a Norton quirk, not a Guitarchat quirk) because, for the first time I am able to log on without the warnings and for which I am very grateful.  :)


I am going to celebrate by boring you all silly with a guitar build thread that I'm currently on with.  Don't say you haven't been warned!  :D





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