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Fulltone OCD, EHX Deluxe Big Muff, EarthQuaker Devices Ghost Echo, Keeley Filaments and Synth 1
Bury, Manchester

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Hi all! Long story short, I went through a pedal phase and I am now no longer in a pedal phase so they've been sat doing nothing. Time to put them back out into the world! Get in touch if you want to get a few at once, I'm open to negotiations on bundles. I've picked good pricing for each of these based on what's currently available online so I'm not flexible on individual items. Pickup is preferred but I can ship them too.

All pedals have their boxes, velcro on the back, and are in mint condition unless otherwise specified.


Full details are below but a short list of the available pedals is here:

  • Fulltone OCD V1.6 - £100
  • EHX Deluxe Big Muff - £65
  • EarthQuaker Devices Ghost Echo V3 - £100
  • Warwick Rocktuner PT1 (tuner) - £15
  • Keeley Filaments - £140
  • Keeley Synth 1 - £140




Fulltone OCD V1.6 - £100

Very popular classic overdrive pedal. Lots of copies out there but this is the real deal. I think version 1.4 and 1.7 are the most common so technically rarer...? Don't think it makes much difference tbh, sounds like an OCD!



EHX Deluxe Big Muff - £65

Come on.. you know what a Big Muff is... and if a normal Big Muff isn't enough for you, how about a Deluxe one? Has some superficial marks on the graphics but works perfectly. No box because who would try to contain such a magnificent muff?



EarthQuaker Devices Ghost Echo V3 - £100

I fell in love with this when going through a post-rock phase. Lovely reverb, if you want ethereal it's got you covered. Gorgeous sparkle finish to it too. Bought new, never gigged or taken out of the house. Basically new.



Warwick Rocktuner PT1 (tuner) - £15

Not going to lie, this is about as basic as a tuning pedal gets. Does the job, accurate and nice n cheap. And you can say you own a Warwick when you're bragging to your friends



Keeley Filaments - £140

Incredibly tweakable distortion pedal. Anything from crunch to metal. I bought this but then had a house move and forgot about it 😅 As such it's basically brand new. First time out of the box was for the photo.



Keeley Synth 1 - £140

Synthy squelchy goodness. Check out the videos on this pedal, does some awesome stuff! Bought new and never taken out of the house.


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