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85 MIJ Squier ST335 TRD Boxer Series Strat- needs attention

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 I acquired this a while ago,with the intention of fixing it up and learning guitar. As with most things done on a whim, it's sat there with no strings gathering dust.


Recent Wrist issues means I really need a short Scale bass, and my other bass for sale isn't selling so I'm selling my Squier ST335 TRD Boxer Series Stratocaster- Black
Made In Japan approx 1985.


It's from the contemporary series and a basswood body,maple neck/rosewood and two fender Dragster Humbuckers,it's very well made as all MIJ instruments from thst period are. It's fairly solid and heavy and this guitar has been very well gigged. Lots of dints and scrapes and mojo for days,it's a road warrior, that's been not been looked after,but played a lot.


The hardware,pickups,pots,switch all work as they should( you can hear this when plugged in) however there's a massive buzz and it intermittently goes off. It definately needs a new Barrel Jack and the wiring done properly,as it looks loose from the Jack. It also really could do with a fret dress. This is probably an easy fix for some, but I'm rubbish and soldering is beyond me 😂  I have just put on a brand new set of D'addario 10's though.


You can tell it's got a great tone, and reviews online suggest the humbuckers are very single coil like in tone, with both on,it does remind me of a telecaster,very twangy 😁

This Guitar need some TLC and someone who will love it and give it a life again.

This black colour is apparently more scarce than the usual red/white versions, I've looked at these online and they are selling for the usual MIJ money ( £500-£800), so id like £300 inc a decent gig bag and UK only delivery.


If the bass I want goes,Or my bass sells,I may withdraw this 😁















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