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Beaufort Hunt, Chipping Sodbury, Sunday.

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Two gigs this weekend...We’re on tour, yay!  The Phil  Prowse (Too) Blues Band.

Saturday Wotton Blues Festival, 5:45pm, Royal Oak

Sunday Beaufort Hunt, Chipping Sodbury, 6-9pm.  Four piece, no drums.  It’s an interesting gig.  Never understood Sunday evening gigs, still the landlord likes us a lot.  I suspect it’ll be calmer than the Blues Fest!

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Stonking night at the Royal Oak!  Great crowd, great playing from the band; two and a half hours no break.  Awesome!

That’ll take some time to recover from (I ache) and to come down from.  Thanks to Raymundo from Basschat for dropping in, lovely fella, really liked our bass player.  Hopefully we will be asked back.  Gotta do it all again tomorrow!

Its a lovely pub if you are ever that way

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