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New Album Alert! We need your Help!

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Hi everyone!


Until about a year ago, I posted my youtube videos regularly to this forum (YouTube). I'd like to thank you and the forum admin for letting me do so because it gained me a very loyal following, from which I continue to benefit from. Since my first album 'Heavy Balance', I have been working on my second album along with Alex Argento, who has helped me produce it, to get it a step beyond 'Heavy Balance'. We have definitely achieved that, and we are very proud and excited about the album and getting it out to you.


We both wanted this album to feature 100% real instruments and voices and be perfectly polished, modern, and most of all, original and authentic. Naturally, the production costs to achieve this have gone beyond what I can personally fund, which is why we need your help!


We have set up a crowd-funding campaign on the platform Kickstarter to make this production happen and get it to you in its ultimate form. Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to release this album unless these funds are acquired, but I don't dwell on that because I know we can do it. I will not be profiting in any way as a result of this campaign, as all funds are 'spoken for' and will pay for the production costs, respectively. Suppose the campaign does raise more than its goal, I will use the extra money raised to further enhance the album's release, whether that be music videos, alternate types of media or even a live performance to kick everything off! Either way, any extra will benefit us all, not just a select few.


If you can financially support this album and would like to contribute, please visit the link below we are truly appreciative of you helping us get a step closer to our goal.





If you cannot support it financially but want to contribute, it would mean a lot if you could take a few seconds to share the link on your social media, and that too will help us just as much, bringing us even closer to succeeding.


Thank you for your continued support,



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