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Pariah Poundcake EVH style Guitar Neck Humbucker

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Pariah Poundcake Guitar Humbucker, Neck Position


Hand wound medium / high output Alnico 5,  it's great for EVH style high gain rock but is not a one trick pony, it's good for any overdriven rock style and a lot more besides. 4 wire, so good for coil tapping as well as finger tapping. This is one of the pickups that made me realise the neck pickup could sound great after sticking to bridge humbuckers for years.


See the full description on the Pariah site: https://www.pariahpickups.com/product-page/poundcake

A couple of Youtube Reviews, both the same guitar I think: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXmDW-djpm8&t=1s  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ex_A3pF0AUA


The wires had been cut short so I've soldered and heatshrunk them individually and then added heatshrink on top of that.


The screw holes were bigger than the standard imperial ones and smaller than M3 so I've tapped them to M3 which are easy to get hold of. Screws and springs aren't included.


£45 Posted within the UK (RM 2nd class)





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