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What is the better model about godin nylon guitar?

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I'm using the Godin Nylon Duet Ambience model right now.
I would like to know the difference between the Duet Ambience model and the Grand Concert Ambience model.
I know that the Duet Ambience model has a smaller fingerboard and a smaller body size than the Grand Concert model. By the way, what is the difference between the two models' sound?

If the grand concert model has a thicker body and has a richer sound, and is softer, the question arises whether the grand concert model is a better model than the duet ambience model.
So I thought about changing it to a grand concert model, but I'm more concerned, because very nice about comfortable fingerboard of the Duet Ambience model.
Can you tell us the difference between the sound and guitar tone of this grand concert model and the duet ambience model?

What could be called a better guitar?

And, how do you set up a Godin nylon guitar amp on a live stage? It was my first time using an electric nylon guitar, so I played it on a fender amplifier, but the sound was very bad. So I tried it directly on the mixer, but this sound was very bad than when I connected it to a computer with an audio interface.
How can I get good sound and tone from live performances?

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I’m not familiar with either of the models you mention but if you have one that you find comfortable and enjoy playing then I’d be tempted to stick with that one and put the effort into finding a decent amplified sound for it.

As I’m sure you know already, most guitar amps are designed to amplify electric guitar and process the sound accordingly. For acoustic (especially classical or nylon) you need either a dedicated acoustic amp or to use a DI or preamp into a PA or FRFR speaker.



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