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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfvS9BJgtzo
  2. Br☺️uno traverso Italian master Luthier" . £1999. Unique piece from a master Luthier. Made with antiche concert piano wood. I Think one of the volume controls its a bit stock..? It's supposed to come out to activate the internal booster so needs fixing but it's very simple to fix. 1 small/tinny dent on the head. For rest it's absolutely gorgeous! This a rare opportunity. This a "Bruno Traverso" a famous high class Luthier from Genova. This guitar took aprox 24 moths of wating list. to make it and to collect it and made to exact specifications. Super easy to play The wood chose for this guitar it's over 100 hundred old concert piano and the tune machines and the saddle / pick ups /wammy bar action" are some of the best in the world! They jus by it self cost around €900 . The scale it's 630cm aprox so a little bit easier to play! . It has a control booster built in /for loud sound sound. (that needs to come out) . This is one piece cut solid wood not part solid like other electric guitars. . It has a wammy bar as well. . Bruno traverso strap. . Antiche concert piano wood =over 100 hundred years old. It's a little bit smaller the than normal gui up tars. (l did want it like that so it's easy to take on a plane. It a little bit heavy it's" one cut solid wood" for long notes and sustain. . Extremely versatile rock, jazz, funk and beautiful sustain and tone. .lock up tunes machines. This it's superior quality guitar. I did pay around €3500, 15 years ago. Now Mr Traverso it's charging around €5000 to €5500 for a simmilar model and guitar with similar specs .This one took h long time to get right to specifications. This guitar it's a very special wood from antiche concert piano. The wood it's a pure solid and beautiful tone. This instrument it will serve as long as you live. The reason that lm selling. I don't play it anymore and I want to buy a high class" classical concert Luthier guitar". Rare unique opportunity! Only serious musicians please I will be very happy if it's going to go to a real musician . Please research on YouTube about Bruno Traverso guitars. 😢😢
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