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  1. Restarted a couple of years ago after a very long break. My son surprised me with a guitar for my 50th birthday and made good progress for the first year but losing momentum now so hoping that talking to like minded people will kick start my journey. I have no ambition to be the worlds best but I find picking up the guitar and playing along with a song or two very relaxing Cheers Cutsdean
  2. Hey everyone as the title suggests I am a lefty with very small hands, which makes some chords very difficult, especially barre chords. I am playing on a full size guitar which was a present from my son but I am loosing motivation to practice because I am not progressing. Because my hands are so small I have considered a 3/4 guitar but struggling to find anything worthwhile in the £200 to £250 range, any recommendations would be great. Alternatively if anyone could recommend a full size guitar with a narrow neck that may also work. I have tried so hard with a full size guitar but My hand span is only 7 1/2 inches so any help and suggestions would also be greatfully received Thanks Cutsdean
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