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  1. G-77

    Gibson Corvus 1

    I think it was a bit of a Gibson revival model along with the Invader and Challenger. I got it because I couldn't afford an Explorer, I think it was quite a bit cheaper. it has a 24 ¾” scale length & about 3kg.
  2. G-77

    Gibson Corvus 1

    The one the bay at the moment is a Corvus II and is grey. If i had the money I would get it as i always wanted a set of them
  3. G-77

    Gibson Corvus 1

    Here is the first Guitar I bought (with my first pay cheque) December 1983 Gibson Corvus 1. They only made them for a couple of years so now quite rare, although I did see one on ebay the other week.
  4. Hello Guitar Chatters... G-77 here from other forums, although I am a bass player I do have a few guitars as well. Can almost play them too. Trev.!
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