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  1. Wow thanks for the reply, I only wish I understood half of what you said! Lol. Some interesting choices to ponder. I think you’re right though, a trip to PMS is in order. Cheers
  2. Maybe about £300 give or take. I was looking at the Ibanez RG450DX RG or the Epiphone SG-Special Beginner
  3. So my guitar tutor has advised me to get an electric in the next 3 months. I’m currently learning on a Stretton Payne dreadnought acoustic. I quite like the look of Ibanez guitars. Music I like is Pink Floyd, Queen and anything indie from the 90’s. Can anyone recommend what I should be looking at? I’m sure this has been asked before but couldn’t see anything when I searched.
  4. Yeah I hear you. I think my tutor wanted me to have a bit of an understanding of music theory first. Tbh it has helped with getting my fingers used to the fretboard. He actually just set me my first song to learn at the weekend. Wild Thing - The Troggs!
  5. I’ve had this guitar knocking about in my loft for years, all I know is it’s a Zenta HES 5000 and that it was made in Korea. There’s very little info that I can find on the net apart from some feature in an old guitar magazine from 1975. It’s not in too bad shape and does make a sound. Although very heavy!!! I’m just looking for any info that anyone may have and possible worth as I’m a new player and looking to buy my first electric. cheers!
  6. Just saying hi. Completely new to guitar, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do but never got round to so at the age of 46 I decided to say F it and give it a go! I’m having tuition and am currently trying to practice scales as much as I can. Cheers.
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