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  1. Hi everyone, New Backing Track online! This time I tried to make the guitar part less fulfilled, so there is more space for soloing. In a more "angry" style this time :evilgrin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ko0lxyF0Ro Feel free to share your thoughts on this BT and to share your jams! Happy jamming! Alex
  2. Hi everyone, New backing track, this week it's a blues! Hope you'll enjoy, and happy jamming to this one! See ya Alex
  3. Hi everyone, New week, new backing track : Can't wait to hear your thoughts on this one, and to listen to your jams! Till next time Alex
  4. Hi everyone, new backing track online! This time in a style a lil' bit different. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ue2a039vOAU Hope you'll enjoy! I would love to listen your jams on this one! Till next time Alex
  5. Hey, sorry I don't know what happened... Solved now Cool, I'm gonna check your thread rn ! EDIT : Where is it? I didn't find it ^^
  6. Hi everyone, The jam sessions are difficult at the moment.. and with the lot of time at my disposal during the last lockdown, I launched into the creation of backing tracks. There will be many in different styles, one per week. Here's the first one, in a funk / blues style: Hope you'll enjoy! Do not hesitate to share your improvisations here, it would be fun! I listen to all the feedback there may be, this is my first time doing this. And if you like the format, I'll update the list here every week! Till next time Alex
  7. Hi everyone, I'm Alex, from France. The guitar community here is cool but I spend 99% of my time on YT and Reddit on the US/UK side I started guitar 12 years ago with covers of Greend Day, Nirvana, Metallica, on a good old Ibanez GRG... Like many guitarists of my generation I imagine haha. Until the blues and the love of strat and tele came to me I'm here to share, learn, discuss... Till next time :) Alex
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