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  1. Hi all. Guitarist of almost 4 yrs here. I play a mix of blues and classic rock, the usual suspects you know! Just a bedroom player but hopefully one day I'll be part of a band... I'm usually just a lurker in groups but sometimes I just need to talk about guitars and all my local guitar shops are shut through lockdown! Equipment-wise, currently rocking a MIC epiphone casino, an epiphone SG, a travel acoustic, a cheap schecter and a super cheap strat (that's going soon in favour of a tele). Fave bit of kit has to be my little pignose amp - awesome for being able to just plug and play with zero fuss. Not got into pedals at all yet but I do like my Boss ME70 multi effect unit. Majorly afflicted with GAS but I think I've got it under control at the mo (yeah, right!) At one point I had around 15 guitars but thankfully I've managed to get down to just the five I mentioned. Worryingly, I seem to be developing the very bad habit of taking power tools to guitars.... Am currently in the middle of stripping and refinishing my epiphone casino and recently I totally reshaped the body of my schecter. Anyway, that's me. Hi.
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