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  1. Thanks very much; the thought had occurred to me too. Quite a lot of variables, and YouTube will be compressing the Audio too!
  2. Thank you very much - I thank I might just do that! Will let you all know
  3. Hello everyone; I hope you're doing ok! I played the guitar a lot when I was younger, and had a starter guitar which served me well, but I'm looking for something nicer to pick up now that I'm a bit older. With the ones I'm looking at, I'm sure they'll all be much better than my starter guitar, but if anyone has any insight/experience to help me clarify and choose it would be much appreciated, especially as we're in lock down I can't go and try them! I have found reasonable deals on the following Martin Guitars: OMCPA4 - US List $1,899.00, found for £1549 (New, Old Stock) GPC-16E Mahogany - US List $1,649.00, found for £1699 (Brand New) DC-16E Natural - US List $2,399.00, found for £1549 (Lightly Used) As far as I can tell they're all quite similar guitars, with the primary differences being that OMCPA4 has Fishman Matrix VT Enhance NT1 instead of NT2, and has a built-in tuner too, otherwise there might be slight differences in size, but I doubt I could tell the difference in tone. What do you think - any recommendations? Also, if you have any other suggestions I'd be interested to hear them! I like the look/sound of the mid-range Martins a bit more than the Taylors (which sound a bit too bright to me in the YouTube vids). Many thanks, Rob
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