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  1. Hi all, I've just installed a floyd rose rail tail on and old squier bullet strat. Installation went fine, however, the tension on the tremelo is EXTREME! It's worth mentioning at this point that I've completely stripped the old squier right down to the body, used filler etc. to restore the finish and gave it a shiny new paint job. The neck has been removed (I'm waiting on a Mexican fender neck to arrive), I've replaced pickups, wiring, pots etc. I know that when I put the strings back on (once I fit the new neck), I know that they will pull against the springs in the back and reduce a bit of the tension from those strings, but my question is how much? In terms of the springs, I've set the new trem up as per the "offical" install video by floyd rose (see Youtube) - 3 springs (the new ones FR sent me, not the old ones from the old cheap Chinese trem). Springs are straight like this: | | | I know some setups use 3 springs like this / | \ but I don't think that distributes the tension evenly. That would certainly reduce the tension, and I could go to 2 springs to reduce tension further. Also I've got the screws holding the spring attachment plate thingy quite deep, so I can also loosen them off too in order to reduce the tension, but for now, until I get the neck, I've got the screws super deep in order to try and stretch the springs out a little to try and reduce the tension a little. This is the first time I've ever set up a trem system so I'm a complete noob with this. When i put the neck & strings on, will the tension level out a lot, or only a tiny bit? Apologies for not explaining this very well it's quite difficult to explain. I could add a short video if required. Thanks in advance!
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