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  1. Other than the Schaller Flagship Preamp, are there any others you would recommend?
  2. Hi guys, thanks so much for the responses. Sorry I havent been in touch sooner! So ultimately, I need the preamp to make this piezo worth while. Thanks for letting me know, was curious if I could avoid it to save a cost lol!
  3. Hey everyone, Hope you could be so kind to help me please. So I'm interested in the Schaller Hannes Piezo, Schaller claim you don't need a preamp for it. So if I dont have a preamp, how would I wire it in? I'm ideally going to want a 3 way pickup switch for 2 pickups. I was debating about adding either a hidden switch or tear drop switch to active the piezo bridge, however I'm debating whether I want its volume control to be a blend. So 0 is pickups only and 10 being full piezo, if you get my drift? Any other ideas and I'd be open minded. The only thing is I dont want two Jack sockets, I want it all to go via one socket only. Thanks in advance
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