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  1. Hey ezbass - thanks for the reply! Interesting thoughts indeed. Do you think a courier service specifically for amps - operated by electrical/amplifier engineers who know how precious & fragile amps are - would be useful? I know there is the car option but people are busy, and this could be safer and more convenient. Jack
  2. Hi guys, I wanted to open a thread about transporting your amplifier - whether for repair or gigging purposes - because I posted something on Facebook which I’ve screenshotted below, and received a pretty interesting reply! I have previously took delivery of two Fender Deluxe Reverbs (‘65 reissues), and they were both knackered on delivery. I’m curious about the problem of transporting amps - if it is a problem at all - and wondered whether I should do something about it. Particularly interested in your answers to these questions: How many times do you have to transport your amp every year? How do you transport your amp - by car, courier etc. What is the main reason you might transport your amp - for repair, for a gig etc. If affirmative answers to the above: How many times have you used a main courier service (FedEx, TNT etc) to transport your amp, and how many times have you transported by car? How do you feel about transporting your amp using one of these courier services, and how do you feel about transporting it by car? Have you ever had a bad experience with one of these courier services transporting your amp, or transporting your amp by car? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts! Jack
  3. JackF_96


    Hi guys - I'm Jack, guitar player for around 10 years. Love to play Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, Zeppelin amongst others. Will make a post over on the Amps forum - so hope we can chat there!
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