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  1. Hi all This one is really just for UK members, and I asking for your help. I'm looking to buy a Fylde Falstaff in the future, but would love to hear one first - it's a lot of money! I live in Honiton, Devon and I'm hoping someone will see this and be prepared to let me come and listen to their guitar in real life. It is pointless listening on the web! I'm left handed, so I'm not asking to play it (unless there is someone left handed out there who has one). I can drive about 100 miles each way, or travel to London by train, but that's about the limit, as I've been unwell with Lyme disease. I had a long correspondence with Roger Bucknall of Fylde, who actually has one I could listen to, but, sadly, I'm just not up to the long trip to Penrith. Thanks for looking, and I do hope someone can help me. Cheers, Rob
  2. Hello all I'm an acoustic player heavily influenced by Bert jansch, John Renbourn, Nic Jones, Nick Drake and all that. I also make guitars as a hobby, mainly for friends' significant birthdays. I live in Devon and occasinally play the folk clubs round here. Looking forward to seeing the forum, but will also soon be posting a request regarding Fylde guitars. My current guitars are Martin J40, Northwood 0075, Yamaha LL16, Thornbory 000 and one of mine (000). Cheers, Rob
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