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  1. This amp is in good working order as far as I can tell, I've used it at home and at a gig just once a few months ago. Great sounding amp, unfortunately there isn't enough headroom for me live and I have just upgraded to a Headrush pedalboard so I am looking to upgrade to there matching powered cabinet. I will post some pictures very shortly, do not threat. The only damage to this amp I can see is purely cosmetic and from a small distance you would see any damage at all, there is basically a couple of stains where their feet of the cabs and head have sat on top of each other for quite a while. There previous owner of this amp, used it live once as well and other than it sat in his studio not doing a lot as far as I could gather. Let me know what you think! Can send however the shipping will not be included in this price, far too skint for that I am afraid.
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