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  1. No interest? I'm dropping the price to £500
  2. He he. Will do....at work till late all week so it will be Saturday, when there's some daylight. Sorry.
  3. Larrivee L style guitars are possibly the closest to a "do it all" acoustic you can get. Powerful enough to raunch like a dreadnaught but articulate enough for fingerstyle. All solid, no frills. With original hard case. I bought this about 9 years ago. It's in good nick, with no dings but a strap button added to the heel, and I'm getting rid of it as I don't really play acoustic anymore. I priced it through guesswork and a quick Gumtree trawl - this model is not available anymore - but I am mostly interested in trading for a Precision bass (with an appropriate cash difference either way depending on the P bass!). Pics to come when I've taken some.
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