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  1. GisserD

    NGD -1989 strat

    If I could like that twice. I would! Thanks for the Frank and comprehensive distillation of the tech.
  2. GisserD

    NGD -1989 strat

    Couldn't tell you how they work but to my ear they sound wonderful.
  3. GisserD

    NGD -1989 strat

    Yeah i totally agree. This is my 3rd lace sensor strat. All of them 1989s. This one has 3 golds. This is the 1st one with the e9 serial and rosewood board tho. Future classic fir sure
  4. GisserD

    NGD -1989 strat

    I'm a guitar player really.... but don't tell basschat! Just scores this minter. 1989 strat plus deluxe Yum.
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