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  1. PhilLawton

    Line6 Pod XT Pro rackmount includes bass pack.

    Is this still for sale?
  2. PhilLawton

    Now sorted.

    Cheers, Edward. I'll look at those suggestions.
  3. PhilLawton

    Now sorted.

    Looking for a moderately priced headless for studio work. Any of the relatively recent Steinberger or Hohner jobbies or similar would be great. I don't mind whether they're full bodied (as in the Steinberger GM-style) or not (as in the Steinberger L2 "cricket bat" design") and not overly fussed about the colour (although white would be nice). I also need the guitar to need no work doing to it...seriously lacking the time, tools and talent to take on a project, so would only entertain the idea of one of the latterday Aliexpress Chinese knock-offs so long as the widely-discussed issues with such guitars have been cured by the current owner. £250 would be my limit and anything less than that would be viewed very favourably. I can collect from most places in the UK, Paypal or cash. Cheers Phil